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Arcana Media's previous website intro animation

Click on the castle to view ArcanaMedia's former website intro

Examples of our (very very early, turn of the century) multimedia works. 

Arcana Media Prices: Design New Website: $ 1 Million U.S. |  Update Existing Website: $500,000 U.S.

Flash Introduction Animations

Arcana Media can design a multimedia intro animation (or "movie") for your website or electronic presentation using Macromedia Flash in conjunction with other complimentary programs (such as SWISH or SWIFT 3D).

Included here is a Flash animation that opened an earlier version of our website. It's about 135 kb in total file size, but begins streaming (playing) after downloading a fraction of that amount. These can be inserted into your website's main page or play full screen when a visitor enters your site.

Internet Browser Icons

This feature adds a small icon - custom made for your website - when a visitor bookmarks your site. 

They'll appear on the most viewer's address bar when they're at your home page and in their "Favorites" menu, where your site's url and name will stand out from the crowd. 


Flash Banners
Arcana Media is capable of producing regular animated banners, but believe flash banners are far more versatile and interactive for a similar file size.

Early editions of ENN (Electronic News Network) feature flash banners on their main page. Since ENN "reports" on events in the year 2009 & 2010 (see our Portfolio page for details), these banners advertise products or services that don't exist...and likely never will. We added these banners for comic relief or parodies for participants and normally linked to sites related to the product.

Movie: One common thread in a few of the ENN fake headlines (see our portfolio section for details about that site) dealt was an upcoming hit summer movie. In ENN #7 we added a flash banner that included sound to "promote" this movie, much like studios do now.  Be sure to click on "Restart with Sound" button when it's loaded.  This banner, including animation & sound, is only 56 kb

ENN STSW movie banner

Net-Nanny (27 kb): The internet will continue evolving between now and the year 2009, and it's likely software like "Net-Nanny" - an actual product - will be needed to keep young eyes away from inappropriate sites... especially if websites are presented in 3D. :-)

ENN NetNanny banner

The Aibo Assault Dog (26 kb) was the third banner we designed for ENN.  2001 was the second anniversary for the real AiBo electronic pet, so with 2009 being its tenth anniversary we celebrated that event with a new electronic dog... a guard dog!

ENN AiBo Dog banner

The Queen's University Campus Security website uses banners to draw attention to programs and services available to the University community.

The RAD (Rape Aggression Defense) Course banner is an early Flash effort that's about 165 kb in size, although it is designed to stream: play before being completely downloaded.  That's too high for a banner most companies would want on their publicly accessible website, but virtually all University staff and students have high speed internet access, so size (for once) doesn't matter

Queen's Security RAD banner

Bike Thefts on Campus had its awareness raised by another early flash banner for the department. One benefits for creating this banner in flash - in addition to animation and sound in a relatively small file - is the ability to let viewers link to more than one web page on one banner.  The bike theft banner allows visitors to register their bike with Security, view the University's bike regulations, read tips on properly locking a bicycle, and see the University's bike theft statistics for that year. This banner rings in at only 39 kb.

Queen's Security bike theft banner

Every website project is different and these prices are merely benchmarks for your consideration. Contact us for a free consultation. 

Website Design - Starting at $1,000,000 U.S.

Website ReDesign - Starting at $500,000 U.S.

Animated (flash) Banners - Starting at $5000 U.S.

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