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 A Collection of some of our (very early) website designs -  a couple are still routinely maintained, but most were created around the turn of the century, as was Arcana Web itself. 
Arcana Media now creates and maintains its own News and eCommerce websites and does not seek out or otherwise accept new clients.

ENN (Electronic News Network)

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ENN issues for the Global Thunder MBX
Click here to see the final ENN issue of the "Global Thunder" MBX


This is a series of websites - meant to mimic - that provide a unique medium for After Action and Intel reports for an international battle exercise. 

Participants include former and current military personnel from a number of countries - including simulations experts now at West Point & with the Australian Navy -  as well as wargamers from around the world.  In fact, the Bluefor (NATO) carrier task force was controlled by Larry Bond - author and creator of Harpoon (a wargame used informally by navies around the world).

ENN covered this near-future military simulation (ie the years 2009 / 2010... which WAS the "near-future" back when they were created around 2000 to 2002/03...) much like CNN and other online news agencies cover real world events, using flash animations/banners and digitally altered photos to provide immersion to participants and other interested parties.

Many headlines and banners are included for viewer immersion and entertainment. This is the second series of such websites we've designed and maintained for the client with the first project spanning 16 "issues" back in the late 1990s.  This Military Battle Exercise concluded with issue #9 being the last edition in ENN's "Global Thunder" series of websites.


Some ENN Feedback...

"...As somebody who works for an international news agency as photo editor and goes thru press dispatches in several languages all day long, some good, some bad, I cannot but praise the ingenuity and professional touch of your web site!
- P. Astiazarán, Photo/Digital Editor for Agence France Press, Latin American News

"THAT WAS FANTASTIC AND UNPARALLELED! Whoever is working that portion... deserves some serious Kudo's for that work!  GREAT WORK." - Sgt. T.S., U.S. Army 

"My (colleagues) actual think that there is a new news agency called ENN...  A job really well done.  Looking forward for the next one!" - K.C., Hong Kong 

Kingston Diesel Services

Kingston Diesel Services

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When a local Diesel Services company asked us to redesign their existing website, we enhanced the graphics found on their old site, added a few new ones, and had the client rewrite the text content. Then we gave it a complete facelift using their logo and preferred color scheme.   

The initial Flash menu system appears quickly and additional animation and sound loads in the background while visitors navigate through the site.  Once fully loaded, the link buttons - little diesel engines - become animated with sound. Check it out!

"Thanks for everything you've done....(we're) thrilled with the flash animation... The originality of it certainly shines through." - KDS, Project Manager


Team Trackless

Team Trackless

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This website was also designed for James Dunnigan and considerably predates the Team AEW site below.  Team Trackless was designed in January 2000 by one of our staff prior to joining Arcana Media and we were fortunate to be chosen again for the AEW project just over a year later.

Team Trackless is a project that came about in a discussion at the U.S. STRICOM (Simulation, Training, & Instrumentation Command) and used "over the shelf" software (i.e. TacOps) to test new doctrine and tactics for the trackless - wheeled armored vehicles - brigades that the U.S. army was experimenting with at the time. 

As stated on the website's 'How We Work' page: "...several army officers (are) on the team, some of them involved with creating these new units or developing doctrine (for the actual brigades)... they do plan to use the results of our tests". 

Early in 2002, the interim armored vehicle "Stryker" was announced. A vehicle very similar to those used in the Team Trackless project two years earlier... 


Air Expeditionary Wing

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Team AEW (Air Expedition Wing)

This site was designed for a project created by James Dunnigan, author of numerous military texts and over 100 simulations utilized by the CIA and the Pentagon as well as wargamers around the world.

As stated on the website, "Team AEW is a volunteer, unclassified effort to use commercial wargames to test new doctrine and tactics for the new Air Expeditionary Wings the US Air Force is putting into service... The purpose of Team AEW is to see if we can develop a faster way for military professionals to test new ideas using off the shelf tools."

The website's main page was designed by ArcanaMedia and then maintained by the client. The project itself has since concluded, but we include the mainpage here as an example of our past work. Note that the "link buttons" are disabled.

Don Tough Security

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Don Tough SecurityTough Security Company Logo

A security systems business with 25 years experience - since incorporated with another company. 

Check out the flash animation we designed for the menu system that brought their logo "to life" after the basic navigation elements were loaded. Click on the website's image on the right to view. (Like most Flash animations, it may not work on Apple devices)

Note: this business has since merged with another company. However its home page - along with the flash menu and logo animation - has been archived here as an example of our work. Links on the page are not active.


Queen's University Campus Security
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Queen's University - Campus Security Department

This website was first created in 1998 by one of our designers - a full time staff member for that department.
Redesigned in 2009 with a similar template to the Queen's University homepage's format at that time.

The same designer has periodically changed the appearance of the website over the years, with Macromedia Flash being used in the early years for animations, maps, and banners that highlight programs offered by the department. 

Below are some of the website's highlights and citations over the years...

Queen's Security website consistently ranked high on Google Canada (for "Campus Security") as well as world-wide on Google for "University Campus Security" (and for that same search in Canada )

2001 - Judged best University/College Security or Police website at the OACUSA Conference (Ontario Association of College and University Security). [Web Post]

2002 - "Incident of Interest" items featured on (a social network news site) resulting in excess of 4,500 visits within 36 hours. Post was related to our October 2002 incidents page.

2003 - "Incidents of Interest" entry reported on by Kingston Whig Standard newspaper. (our "Animal Related" July 8th post). The Whig later listed it as one of their Top 10 stories for 2003.

2004 - "Incidents of Interest" pictorial incident featured on page 3 of the Toronto Star newspaper (link to copy of online version) and the Queen's University News Centre [loads graphic. May have to click on it to zoom in]
Story also linked to on over 200 internet websites, blogs, and forums around the world. (Story generated in excess of 100,000 additional visits to the site). Screen shots from: German blog / Greek website / Japanese website / Saudi Arabian website
A follow up story appeared in the Queen's Gazette newspaper: "Queen's web footed family find fame on the world wide web"
[loads graphic. May have to click on it to zoom in]

2004 - "Incidents of Interest" page lampooned in Queen's University "Golden Words", a student-run parody newspaper. 
 PDF: October 2004 (page 6) .

2005 - Multiple incidents of the website being discussed in the Blogosphere:

Some of these entries include: 
- "Queen's University Security has a wonderful page called 'Incidents of Interest'...
- "...shenanigans that people on campus get up to, taken from the queen's campus security website..."
- "For those of you who don't check the Campus Security Incidents of Interest page, I suggest you do..."

+ more

2010 - Q&A Interview with Canadian Security Magazine: "Queen's University experiments with Twitter for alerts"

2010 - Multiple Tweets/ReTweets on Twitter, including: "...some of the security reports are pretty much comedy gold. the ones that aren't serious, that is. ;)"

2013 - April Fool's article (Monster Attack Procedures) was a local viral success, and included a nod in the Maclean's Magazine website's "On Campus" section :

"5. There were plenty of April Fools jokes on campuses today, but a Queen’s University Campus Security bulletin was one of the best..."

As well as a post by local radio station FlyFM, who wrote to its Facebook page: "Best April Fool In Kingston yesterday was this release from Queen's Campus Security!"

2013 - Department interviewed and cited for an article in the July / August issue of Canadian Security Magazine: "Security for the Masses"


Another website created in a similar capacity at Queen's University:

Canadian Conference on Student Judicial Affairs  
(designed and maintained)
Note: this conference took place during the summer of 2003. The domain was allowed to expire a year later and only the main page has been archived here as example of our work. Links on this page are not active.


Honorable Peter Milliken (former) M.P. and Speaker of the House of Commons

This website is owned and originally designed by Arcana Media. The domain was donated (as a constituent) to Peter Milliken's federal election campaigns until his retirement in 2011. Arcana Media also maintained his constituency website ( from about the year 2000 onward.

Visit site: Peter

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